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99.9% of the time your team get it right!

99.9% of the time things go right.

We spend most of our time worrying about what could go wrong, which is a small portion of the total experience base. Think about how much resource is allocated on trying to manage the unwanted outcomes instead of supporting the majority. 

The greatest risk is to take no risk.

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"We facilitate resilient performance"

Our Services

  • Independent Risk & Safety Advisory 

  • Risk Management

  • Risk Assessment 

  • Audits & Inspections

  • Risk Reporting Software

  • Biomechanical Risk Assessment

  • Policy and Procedure development

  • Risk Workshop Facilitation 

  • Risk Management Training

  • Workplace Health & Safety Training

  • Officer & Worker Due Diligence Training

  • Emergency and Crisis Management

  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Implementation

  • Accident Investigation

  • Expert Witness Testimony

Speciality fields

  • Corporate Governance

  • Case Law

  • International Health & Safety Regulations 

  • TV & Film

  • Events

  • Speciality Rigging & Rope Access

  • High Risk Adventure Sports (Aquatic, Land, Air)

  • Aviation (Fixed wing & Rotor)


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