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Due diligence doesn't need to come at the cost of creativity, opportunity or success.


Our projects, like risk come from everywhere. From events, activations and TV to government agencies and the corporate sector, from sole traders to large corporations. We collaborate with our clients to create relevant and proportionate due diligence that ensures creativity, opportunity and success thrives.

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Case studies



In 2016 ITV Studios Australia required an enhanced approach to how they manage risk and safety on one of the most demanding TV shows in the world. 400 plus crew in the remote jungles of South Africa demands informed decision making. riskfacilitator engages key stakeholders to develop series risk profiles, targeted risk assessments, graduated testing and onsite control effectiveness reviews that provide the confidence needed to push the boundaries of what can be achieved on reality TV.



Following a catastrophic loss of life in 2012, Surf Life Saving Australia (SLSA) requested riskfacilitator to conduct a full review of risk and safety documentation against operational practice. Since then, riskfacilitator has continued to collaborate on world class procedures, applications and practices for surf sports, as well as shape the perceptions and actions of SLSA and its members.



Since 2014 Tourism Australia has entrusted riskfacilitator to mature the risk culture from frontline operations through to executive management. riskfacilitator independently reviews, profiles, educates and verifies staff and contractors for high risk famils, activations and events such as the Australian Tourism Exchange, Dreamtime, Corroboree and Business Events Australia.



Red Bull Australia lives and breathes creativity and opportunity. Since 2014 riskfacilitator has been collaborating with Red Bull stakeholders on risk management due diligence to ensure athletes have the freedom to push the boundaries of expertise and create the world's most energising events! Cape Fear, Cliff Diving, Dingy Derby, Defiance...

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