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Paul Chivers AKA "Risky"

The Founding Director of riskfaciliator, brings over 30 years of invaluable experience to the field of risk and safety management.

Paul’s philosophy is refreshingly simple – “The greatest risk is to take no risk! Without risk-taking, we stop evolving, we stop learning from mistakes, and more importantly, we stop learning from our successes.”

“Risk management shouldn’t be about generating paperwork nor merely a box-ticking exercise. Risk management is about the people you engage with, the questions you ask, the lessons learned along the way. Risk Management success shouldn’t be measured by a final document produced, but by the evolving knowledge and resilience built along the way.”

His impressive career has spanned a multitude of international industries, including project and event management, TV and film, aviation, education, sport & recreation, healthcare, and defence. Notably, Paul's expertise is often sought after for inquests and legal case advisory.

Paul's contributions extend to academia, where he has authored risk management graduate courses, research papers, and reports. He has also lectured for various industry and tertiary bodies, as well as offering compelling workshops and training to diverse clients worldwide.

In the realm of safety management, Paul continually challenges traditional thinking and practices. Inspired by and collaborating with industry thought leaders like Professor Erik Hollnagel, Dr. Todd Conklin, Professor Sidney Dekker, Michael Tooma, and others who have made significant contributions to health and safety, human and organisational performance.Paul's unique knowledge and extensive experience in risk and safety management have made him a sought-after facilitator and presenter.

His captivating experiences, including overseeing risk and safety for numerous reality TV shows like "The Amazing Race" and "I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here," add an intriguing dimension to his profile.

Today, Paul has the privilege of traveling the world, assisting clients in creating environments where creativity flourishes and due diligence is proportional to the real risk, not the perceived one.

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